Come To My Spot video contest Rules.

To participate to the Come To My Spot video contest, you must post a video on our Facebook page: (French) or .
The publication can be done by sharing a link to a video posted on Youtube.

To be admitted, it is necessary for the video that it contains the words "Come To My Spot" at least once in this direction and as a result. There is no limit of time, languages ​or other constraints to respect.

Videos containing words, actions or allusions that are racist, abusive, obscene, defamatory, or presenting or inciting to illegal acts will automatically be disqualified and deleted from the Facebook page.

The contest is open to everyone.

The winner of the contest will win the amount of 5000 dollars. This amount will be paid by bank check or bank transfer.

The Contest will start on February 21, 2017 at 00H00 and will end on April 30, 2017 at 23H59. It will be necessary to post videos that compete during this period. Any video posted outside this period will not be selected by Come To My Spot.

The 3 most viewed videos on May 30, 2017 at 23:59 will be selected and the Come To My Spot management will choose the winning video from the 3 most viewed videos.
The count of the number of views begins as soon as the video is published, there will be no ratio or distinction made by the date of publication. Participants who have published the video most quickly will obviously have a longer exposure to accumulate the views.

However to be selected in the 3 most viewed videos and to claim to win the contest, it will be necessary that the video obtained a minimum of 50 000 views. The calculation will be done on the basis of calculation displayed and calculated by Facebook or YouTube and that the video is absolutely posted on one of our Facebook pages quoted above and respecting all the points of this regulation.
If only one video reaches 50 000 views, it will automatically win. If 2 videos reach the 50 000 views, the selection will be made among the 2 videos.

The winner will be contacted by Come To My Spot via the Facebook profile that posted the video, if this profile no longer exists, or is no longer valid, unreachable, or unresponsive to our messages, we Will leave until September 30, 2017 to show himself and prove to us that he is the author of the video. Otherwise, and after this date, the winner will no longer be eligible for the Come To My Spot contest.

In the event that no video reaches 50 000 views, the contest end date will be extended until July 31, 2017 at 23:59. Videos already posted will automatically remain in the contest and will continue to accumulate views. If a video reaches 50 000 views before July 30, 2017 but after May 30, 2017, it will still have to wait until July 30, 2017 to be selected in the 3 most viewed videos.
If the competition is prolonged due to lack of videos reaching 50 000 views, from May 30 to July 30, 2017 new videos can also be posted to enter the contest with the same rules.

After 30 July 2017 at 11:59 pm, if no video has reached 50 000 views, the competition will be deemed void. There will be no winners and none will have to be paid by Come To My Spot.

Views are counted only by video, when the same video is posted several times, only the video posted with the most views will be taken into account. There will be no cumulation of views for the same video. In case different people post the same video, the person who posted the first video based on the date and time of the post on Facebook or Youtube will be the person selected for this video, even if the number of views is less than the same Video posted by other people.

The person posting the video must have obtained the consent of all persons appearing on the video, otherwise only the person who posted the video will be responsible for the recourse.

In no event will Come To My Spot or Facebook be held liable and will therefore not be held liable for the appearance of persons on these videos and any acts that have been performed on this same video.

It is forbidden to publish videos if you are not the author / director and you do not have the agreement of the author / director.
In the case of a protest, the protester must prove his / her statements. If it is proved, the video will either be disqualified or the real author / director may leave the publication of the video and attempt to win the contest. In this case, he must make a written request to Come To My Spot and he will be automatically subject to this regulation.

Come To My Spot can not be sued for unwanted broadcasting of a video posted by a user.

If a dispute arises after 30 May 2017, or in the case of the extension of the 30 July 2017 competition, it will be considered null and void, and the protester will not be entitled to any compensation. He will make his case the possible prosecution of the person who has published the video, and will in no case be able to sue the Company Come To My Spot and claim the winning of the contest.

People who post videos on our Facebook accounts are already accepting to transfer all the rights of the videos and the persons appearing there to the Company Come To My Spot. The latter may use it for promotional, marketing, advertising, commercial purposes and for any other purpose desired by Come To My Spot.