Earn money creating events @home (or somewhere else..)

No existing platform today offers such level of remuneration


The number of participants in events, with additional options purchased, make Come To My Spot the most lucrative platform on the market for it users.

An example of income generated from an event Come To My Spot :

6 people
4 pizzas
2 nuggets
4 glasses of wine
6 beers
3 sodas
x 3 € = 18 €
x 6 € = 24 €
x 3 € = 6 €
x 3 € = 12 €
x 2 € = 12 €
x 1 € = 3 €

Total income generated by organizer : 75 €

Come to my spot adds its commission to participants payment, no charge on organizer income

Once purchases has been deducted (addons), the organizer got about 50 € of benefits
for 2 to 3 hours of participants' reception.

So, organizer got 50 € without leaving home, meeting new people, having fun and perhaps sharing his passions.

And the 6 participants had a great evening, met new people and spent at least 50 percent less than if they have been gone at a professional's place.

Create your event !

Examples of events

- TV evenings with other addicts to watch sports, reality shows, singing contests ...
- games evenings : music blind tests, poker games ...
- video games tournaments
- home made gourmet dinners
- movies and series marathon nights
- parties
- wine tastings
- book clubs
- salsa, yoga, fitness, music lessons
...user's imagination and creativity are the only limits

To make it easy Come to my Spot has already identified the major sporting events broadcast on TV, such as football, rugby, basket-ball and tennis games.

Source of remuneration

With Come to My Spot, it is no longer necessary to reserve a specific venue to organize an event. Every living-room is a possible spot and hosts are free to set the price of their private party, and differents options (drinks, food, bonuses...)

You can create any kind of event (diner, wine tasting, watching football match, party, photography lesson, video game contest, ...). You can target every domains of entertainment and hobbies

Free & functional

Come To My Spot is free, there's no subscription and it allow organizer getting money with events he organized

More earnings

The addon system (drinks, food) is a great feature allowing earnings growth and makes organizer proposal unique and original regarding other events

Less constraints

Constraints are very weak because organizer is participating to his own events, so he's aware of what is happening in his house which is open to participants for only few hours.


Profile informations, phone number and email address of members are checked and users are rated and commented by other users. These are good indicators and factors of trust and security
Every payments are secured by our partner LemonWay


Come To My Spot concept is open to other countries, translated in 6 languages and manage euro and dollar currencies
This feature allows you to organise events for tourists and to participate to events abroad